DWI Laws

Tough penalties can result for violating laws making driving while intoxicated (DWI) illegal, especially if

  • There are past DWI convictions,
  • An accident was caused by the allegedly intoxicated driver (especially if injuries or a death occurs as a result), or,
  • The driver is under the legal drinking age.

You can be arrested for DWI if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.08% or higher if your driving ability is impaired or not. That BAC level is lower for drivers younger than 21. It’s not just alcohol that can impair drivers. Use of illegal or legal drugs (including those prescribed by a doctor or over the counter medication) resulting in impairment can also lead to an arrest.

Drivers convicted of DWI can face,

  • Minimum jail times,
  • Fines,
  • License suspensions,
  • Ignition interlock devices, and
  • Mandatory safe driving classes.

A conviction can remain on your record for years and will be considered if you are arrested again for DWI.

Administrative law also affects drivers arrested for DWI.  After your arrest you have a limited time to request a hearing deciding whether your license suspended, and if so for how long. Failing to make that request will result in an automatic suspension. These hearings could be difficult for a driver so the aid of a DWI defense lawyer could be very helpful if you need to drive to work and mass transit isn’t an option.

The legal repercussions are only the start. If convicted of DWI you may have to disclose it on job applications. Your auto insurance premium will likely increase (if the policy isn’t canceled or not renewed). If you don’t already have life insurance you may find very high premiums because insurance carriers may see you as someone involved in potentially life threatening behavior.

It would be a serious mistake to defend yourself against these criminal charges because of the potential penalties and financial costs involved. Retain the services of one of DWI.co.com’s DWI defense attorneys to protect your rights, freedom and future.

If you’ve been arrested for DWI, take advantage of all available defenses to lessen the chances of conviction by retaining a DWI defense attorney. If you have questions about DWI laws or need the help of one of our lawyers, contact us today.