DWI Penalties

Penalties for a driving while intoxicated (DWI) can be severe, especially if there are earlier convictions particularly if there was a DWI related accident causing injuries. The state may also suspend a driver’s license for an extended period of time.

Some of the penalties of DWI convictions can include,

  Jail Fines & Penalties License Suspension Interlock Ignition Device
First Offense Four days to six months Up to $1,000 30 days to ten months Yes, depending on the county
Second Offense Ten days to one year Up to $1,800 Two years (which may be reduced to one year) Yes
Third Offense 120 days to one year Up to $1,800 Three years Yes
Fourth Offense (within ten months of a third offense) 16 months Up to $18,000 Four years Yes


Criminal penalties will follow a conviction and there are consequences to them as well.

  • Missed work due to time in jail or an inability to drive can cause you to lose your job, income and ability to support your family.
  • Auto insurance premiums will increase. Your policy may be canceled or it may not be renewed.
  • When filling out future job applications you may be asked to list criminal convictions and explain the circumstances. If you falsely state you have not been convicted, are hired but your employer discovers your conviction, that can be grounds for termination.

If you are facing DWI charges, given the possible criminal penalties and consequences, trying to defend yourself can do far more harm than good. There could be many possible legal defenses in your case. A DWI defense lawyer from DWI.co.com may be able help you avoid a DWI conviction.

Contact us today to learn about your legal rights and how we might be able to help you avoid the stiff penalties and harsh consequences that can come with a DWI conviction.